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 Cycle 1.2  Purpose
is to show that we are not GIMP For Windows
Maintainers , but that handling GIMPVS
is a part of our capacities, and

that GIMPVS will help us maintain our skills
at the top level.
NEW: 2008/Feb/27
We have been testing C Scripting
with the wxWidgets toolkit using the CERN
Cint Interpreter
and this binding
 needs some work.
The GTK+ Cint binding is going to be released
together with the GTK+ samples and demos
The Cint intepreter has been adapted
to handle GLib closures and
in a more general way C/C++
callbacks (when they are used by non
interpreted libraries
and defined in scripts )
 it was a challenging problem,
and the GIMPVS Team once again succeeded
This binding will be available from PBADEV.
The wxWidgets bindings will
be made available when ready.

The GTK+ Tic tac toe sample
- with very minor modifications:
C macro expansions
mainly concerned -
without the need to use
a compiler : this is announcing
GIMPVS 1.2 immininent release.
We estimate that it should
be available before February 2008 ends
(2008 is a leap year)

If you look for a windows adapatation of GIMP,
you might want to check the official release at
where another  highly skilled team manage to bring Gimp to you.
The GIMPVS team is busy right now on other projects,
meanwhile they will release GIMPVS 1.2.when ready

We are preparing GIMPVS 1.1
source code release as imposed
by the GPL license.
pba_bin_suffix code will be released:
in GIMPVS 1.2 pba_bin_suffix dlls are
renamed pba dlls to avoid any confusion.

We are preparing a GPL
compatible version of GIMPVS
Our next release won't let
GPL code run compiled in any
binary form:
code will be interpreted and
not compiled :
the LPGL modified code will
be provided as stated by the LPGL
The Gimp GPL code won't be compiled
and the Gimp GPL parts will be interpreted:
this requires a major redesign
of our software,
the GIMPVS team is handling this.
GIMPVS future will depend on their
abililty to let proprietary software
run GPL interpreted code.
We consider that there is no reason
why the Open Source communauty
couldn't benefit from our skills,
and will manage to let proprietary
compiled code co exist with interpreted
GPL code.

We have been discussing
if binaries should be redistributed when
GPL licensed parts of softwares are involved:
In this case, binaries will be redistributed,
and Visual Studios Solutions will be made

While The GIMPVS Team proposed to
re implement the GPL'ed part of GIMPVS
using Python and therefore PYGTK ,
Pierre RF Barthe is evaluating the
way GIMPVS 1.2 will be released :
The GPL'ed parts will come with Visual Studios
solutions, using the GTKVS SDK,
and anybody will be able to compile GIMPVS.

Code gets cleanup so that modifications made
to LGPL licensed libraries affect only headers.
the gpl ed code should be able to run
unmodified, we are cheking this.
pba glib helpers
amo will link dynamically
to LPGL code.

The SDKs will be made available
once this task is complete

NEW : 2008/Feb/12
We are reevaluating SDKs composition
GIMPVS SDK will provide 
Visual Studio Solutions ,
They will require as  other SDKs samples
either Visual Studio 2005
or Visual Studio 2008 Editions
(Any Edition is suitable from Express to Team Suite ones) .

We were asked to stop redistributing
GIMPVS 1.1 without redistributing
GIMPVS source code "immediately":
We can't do that as far
as GIMPVS 1.1 is concerned
- the build chains have evolved beyond
GIMPVS 1.1 scope -
so the downloads get suspended
until GIMPVS 1.2 is available on decision
of GIMP author Sven Neumann.
This accelerates the GIMPVS 1.2
development cycle using an option
that was already planned.

1.2 RC releases
are scheduled this week:
Downloads will be available
either as monolithic packages
or through the application updater
The PBA Installer will gracefully
upgrade GIMPVS 1.1 to 1.2 RC1 while
it will download Full BlenderVS
when no relevant package is found :
The first 1.2 RC1 should be available this week,
the build chains
are being redesigned.
Package Dependencies are handled at binary
level (from a technical point of view,
the dependencies are computed and updated at the
executable format level,
and the involved methods are language and platform independant :
our build chain is language independant too,
we use either python or lua intensively right now,
- not for a philosophical reason:
we provide right now PYTHONVS and LUAVS
with our releases, and test them intensively -
Php and Perl  chains are under
planning and this will be part of the 1.3 cycle:
- a port matter , hence straightforward for this
purpose, meanwhile, they will use RubyVS,PhpVS and PerlVS :

make and nmake get less and less used,
while msbuild should be dropped too,
keeping the build chains able to
inter-operate with this build tools
More On Build Chains and Asset Processors
(commonly known compilers(msc, gcc amo) are asset processors)
will come later: we are 
now focusing on availablility and distribution.

Experimentations have been driven
with the RC 1.2 PBA Installer:
They were made using lua and perl
as a scripting language  :
The 1.2 installer will still be based on NSIS.

The PBA Installer 1.2 RC1 gets prepared,
It will deploy the GTKVS and GIMPVS SDKs
BlenderVS and GIMPVS 1.2 RC1.
We made GIMPVS 1.1 patch

available from the download page:
 this concludes GIMPVS 1.1 development cycle
The GIMPVS Team gets disbanded,
Pierre RF Barthe will make the SDK available on their behalf and control.

 A quick information notice:
we have been checking the next coming
patch , Glib doesn't require to be patched:
It will be a very lightweight patch to
correct the problem "mis en evidence"
pointed out by the postcript plugin.
Only pba_bin_suffix and the postcript
plugin (it tries to open gs.exe instead
of gswin32 , modern postrcript distributions
provide gswin32 & gswin32c -console- )
will be patched using a PBA Installer.

NEW: 2008/Feb/05
GIMPVS Postcript plugin is going to be updated.
pba_bin_suffix dlls and glib will be updated:
The PBA Installer is updated and will patch
files accordingly (the installer won't have any uninstaller)
The ghostscript bin directory must be added to the path
environment variable
in intend to get the postcript plugin to work.

The Exif plugin is available from the download page:
This installer upgrades the jpeg plugin accordingly and won't remove
the libexif library if the plugin is uninstalled (or jpeg will lack it)
We are going To Make BLENDERVS
available, It will require GIMPVS
to be installed

We are reporting GIMPVS 1.1 Leading Edge availability:
The installer needs improvements:
No Technical limitation here:
The installer has been planned to support upgrades:
It's installer common database stores installed files information
beyond what Traditionnal NSIS actually does.
(Nsis traditionnal stores this information within the uninstaller execution steps
and PBA installer still performs this way, PBA Installers upgrades will check package
unstallation against the installers common database)
The 1.2 installers will upgrade this database when needed
(stored informations are versionned)
A Privacy Important Notice:
No Information is ever sent to any server as far as PBA Installations
are concerned: the upgrades entirely rely on informations
present on the target machine.
Installer updates will let the user choose if an automatic
update mode is enabled or not,
but even this automatic mode won't send any information to any server:
Informations will be downloaded and handled on the target machine:
This summarizes quickly the GIMPVS 1.2 development cycle.

GIMPVS will enter 1.2 release candidate cycle
as soon as the GTKVS and GIMPVS SDKs are available.


GIMPVS 1.1 is now online.

20:00pm utc+2
The Installation scenarii (use cases) have been checked
GIMPVS 1.2 will benefit from this.
As soon as GIMPVS 1.1 is online,
the GIMPVS 1.1 Team will get momentary dissolved.
Pierre RF Barthe will make the SDK available.

pm utc+2
GIMPVS 1.1 releases are ready for packaging
The Installation scenarii (use cases) are being checked

2:33pm utc+2
We set GIMPVS  leading Edge 1.1 release to
Gimp source code trunk:rev 24776

1:15 PM 
-UTC +2-
GIMPVS 1.1 different flavors are being finalized
The PBA installer  1.1 is being checked.

GIMPVS 1.1 will be released today
GIMPVS Leading Edge will be made
available: it is being right now compiled against
latest Gimp source code and in various compilation flavors(4).
Our Installer lets the coexisting binaries install
and uninstall smoothly, removing files
only when definitively not needed by any
application installed using this installer.
it is an NSIS based installer, it will be described

on Pierre Barthe Development Web Site (PBADEV)
Eight different GIMPVS flavors can coexist
in the PBA directory together with other apllications deployed with the PBA Installer : you will never need this,
we just need to prove it is working 

The SDK will be made available following this...

still  needs some improvements
as far as package upgrades are concerned:
web update feature will benefit from this,
so we will ensure this is reliable during
the next coming development hours
(3:45 am
-UTC +2-)

GIMPVS 1.1 integrates Gimp 2.4.4 source code.
GIMPVS 1.1 is being tested and we are mostly
checking the installer right now, ensuring
it will be upgradable and backward compatible
in next releases.

GIMPVS 1.1 will be made available from this site,
while The GTKVS SDK will be available from
GTKVS SDK Headers are available there from the subversion repository.

GIMPVS 1.1 release planned for 2008/02/02
Web Update features are reported to


A license issue with redistributing NSIS System.dll has been
solved : Our System.dll Installer doesn't use Microsoft assembly files
but BSD licensed ones
The package management tests are undergoing: first tests passed
We are now a few days from releasing : Pierre RF Barthe leaves in a
country where February 2 might be a compelling date as a 02/02/2000 anniversary:
We didn't plan this, instead of that, we are managing to make GIMPVS  available soon.

We won't use .net framework
implementations since we consider that Windows XP
® will
be present on target machines for
several years and won't impose a .Net installation.
From a technical point of view,
packages will be checked against a pack
age summary
file hosted on the update site,
and according to user preferences ,
the updater will either:
download and install 
or inform users that updates are available.
Let us implement this and make GIMPVS 1.1 available.

This feature is not bounded to Micrsosft® Operating Systems, meanwhile, we
are targetting this OS right now.

NEW: 2008/Jan/30
- morning fresh news -
Installer Tests are done and perform outstandingly well:
We are going to include an application automatic
update feature to redistributed applications:
GIMPVS will benefit of this feature, meanwhile, this feature
is not dependant on GTK or GIMPVS :

any application redistributed by Pierre Barthe Development
will reuse this feature.
- a known exemple is Microsoft update system -

it will use the installer common database to
check for packages updates:.
For the best software redistribution service,
we still delay GIMPVS 1.1 availability,
releasing as soon as end user can update their application
on a regular basis if this is a chosen update mode.
Right now , the package update site will be

The installer performs as expected : several PBA Applcations
can share files , the installer won't remove them if they are still
needed (from a technical point a view, installed files
are reference-counted in the installers common database)
by other applications : this is an under developement feature.

The Installer has been rewritten
for performance reasons
package details storage from sql db to an almost raw
object serialization).
It is being tested , GIMPVS 1.1 availability  depends now
on the new installer (based on NSIS) availability.
The installer will handle package management in next pbapreleases

SDK Headers are added to subversion repository:
More details are located at PBADEV

The SDK Solution generator will use Radon Labs
solution generator (it is used  in Nebula Device development )
wxWidgetsVS and wxPythonVS will made available
The SDK headers will be stored in
the subversion directory, and redidtributed with
the SDK installers.

NEW: 2008/Jan/21

The main focus is now the GTKVS SDK
(Software Development Kit) preparation.
STLPort will be used.

A notice about GIMPVS 1.1 installer :
GIMPVS 1.1 installer is a modified NSIS installer :
It embeds an sqlite3 DB Engine to handle
Installed Files References :
the overhead is low as far as main packages size is concerned,
but not neglectible:
Installers assuming that SqliteVS-vs9 is installed on the target
system will link dynalically to SQlite , hence reducing the package size.
It will be considered as beta , in the sense that the uninstaller
might not remove all files when they are not anymore needed:
This feature is being tested , aiming at stability for
release 1.2


The GAP (Gimp Animation Package) is being tested using ffmpeg.
The GIMPVS GAP will be considered unstable as far as GIMPVS 1.1 is concerned,
aiming at getting it stable with GIMPVS 1.2.
The GTK+ Theme Chooser initially planned to use
is integrated in the GIMPVS Preferences dialog.
win-dbus will be used in GIMPVS 1.2

GIMPVS 1.1 availablity delayed :
We carefully ensure that the SDKs (GIMP and GTK ones)
will enable quick and reliable application development.
in the meantime , 1.1 RC1M is still available.

Some would say  GIMPVS and GTK+VS are getting "sexy":
Theme Engines are being tested and
a theme chooser (gtk-chtheme right now) is being tested
An ffmpeg library is being prepared

Pierre RF Barthe went through Identity Notarization
procedures, and this was achieved on
More details will follow.
Right now , and as far as computer security is concerned , you are invited to check the sha1
files that are made available with any downloaded GIMPVS release,
This must be a real concern for you if you download GIMPVS from any other site.

This procedure will be explained for the non specialists,
A google seach will help with this.
The provided openssl (openssl-vs9.exe ...) binary can be used for this.
We use it right now to provide sha1 signatures.
We upgraded openssl to version 0.9.8g it will be made available
in the next GIMPVS release

GIMPVS RC1M is available :
It fixes an Installation Path Issue.

NEW: 2008/Jan/08
GIMPVS RC1L is available :
The  Installation tree is reorganized
Plugins are incorporated with the installer


The DBP- David's Batch Processor is available
from the download page

this plugin is intended for use with GIMPVS 1.1 RC1K ,
all GIMPVS plugins will be marked deprecated with

A Separate PYTHONVS distribution
will be made available,
showing co existing binaries in action
(based on the Official Python 26 source code)


GIMPVS Road Map :
A RC1L Release is going to be made available,
We are planning and preparing development
 The leading edge release is being
tested (using GEGL
and Babl)

GIMPVS RC1K is available
It has been tested on
Windows® Vista x64 

GIMPVS is being intensively tested right now on
Windows® Vista x64, Windows NT® Server 2003 and Windows® XP SP2


2007/Dec/31 - : GIMPVS 1.1 RC1J
is made available, preparing Release 1.1.
2007/Dec/21: The bug tracker is opened for bug reporting
and for features requests at:
GIMPVS Tracker

2007/Dec/20 : GIMPVS gathers python
and scriptfu scripts from the gimp registry.
The UFRaw plugin is included , here's a link to the NEF (7.4MB )(1)File used to test it.
The list of supported cameras by UFRaw can be founf here
Seamonkey (20a1 pre release) and Firefox3(beta 3.0b2) Communauty Editions VC++ 2008 downloads are
going to be available soon (they are being tested)
 2007/Dec/16: The Firefox3 and Seamonkey 2.0 (beta releases)
Communauty Editions used by Demo1 to prove GIMPVS Team Savoir-Faire
have been recompiled using VC++ 2008 and made available for download from here
2007/Dec/15: If you are serious about software development, check this page before continuing reading.
2007/Dec/14Pierre RF Barthe mentors Demo1 during a mozilla independent build.
and identifies flaws in Firefox 3 next coming version distribution:
This link points to an almost raw output from ChatZilla, the irc Seamonkey addon
where demo1 describes the way he builds and tests the application deployement:
Demo1 is a new team member and will handle the installation and software automatic update development.

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