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Pierre RF Barthe
Software Editor
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GIMP For Windows
GLib, GTK+, compiled with Microsoft
Visual Studio 

GIMPVS Releases availability is delayed until GIMPVS 1.2 is online

Latest News

NEW : 2008/Mar/03
wxStedit was used as a script editor (C/C++ source files
are considered as scripts here ) : the editor will use
wxAui for better user experience :
we are improving multiple source file handling
C/C++ scripts are involved .
The editor shell is able to launch lua, python or
C/C++ files using pythonvs , luavs or cintvs
(no compiler needed for this)

CINTVS and GTKAPIVS (GTK bindings for Cint )
will be released as soon as the GTK demo from GTK samples
(gtk-demo)  is working: Simple samples are running,
gtk-demo handling needs some checkings before releasing.

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GIMPVS is an adaptation to Windows® of the Opensource 2D Drawing Software Gimp
and is freely availble on windows platforms (Windows XP SP2 and above, NT Server 2003 and 2008)
The motivation for GIMPVS came when some friends needed to get a consistent and reliable toolset for
developping their tools using GTK+ on the Microsoft™ platform and Visual Studio as the development environment
The challenge was taken up, and bringing Gimp using the library toolset produced was just a step beyond.
GIMPVS is the contraction of Gimp and Visual Studio®

Information :
The libraries and executables are compiled using Microsoft Visual Studio VC++ 2005 and 2008 Editons
and come in two compilation flavors:
Debug and Release buillds and are linked against Microsoft™ Dynamic runtime libraries .
Compiling the entire library set with a unique compiler and linking against dynamic runtimes libraries assures
developpers that an unique memory manager will handle memory allocation operations .
Getting the software:
GIMPVS 1.2 2008 will be available soon
GIMPVS 1.1 Notice is available there:
GIMPVS 2008 1.1 Availability Notice

More screenshots are available here : Screenshot Section

More Screen captures are available in the screen shot section
This ScreenShot is a GIMPVS "Leading Edge" Screen capture , hence the 2.5.0 version number (GIMPVS stable release is Gimp 2.4.4 )

This is a development preview of the next coming GIMPVS 1.1 release, featuring python scripting (here a screenshot of PYGTK+VS 2005 in action)

GIMPVS 1.1 nearing completion showing python and scheme consoles

Comparison with other implementations :

For the time being, Our implementation proves to run on Windows Vista x64 :
We didn't find any suitable comparison to our "Savoir Faire" yet : Google
Any information can be posted in the forums.

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Note : This image and more samples can be found at:  Glass Lantern, LLC - RAWpository

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